The Balance Between Nature and Architecture

The brief, as stated by SOUP.was to ‘create a relaxed contemporary house within a reconsidered, “natural” landscape that blurred the site boundaries to its neighbours and adjoining marshland’.The location therefore remained a strong focalpoint throughout the entire project. with each aspect of the build designed to accentuate the stunning views of ‘outstanding natural beauty’.As Patrick Walls.from SOUP explains, the centralmotif was to ‘try and control the sense of arrivaland movement through the house by creating an entrance courtyard to the front which didn’t give a direct view through to the River Aide’. He goes on to say that ‘the view is kept and created by the front entrance; you move through into the main living space which then opens out onto the wide landscape’.The property itself has been kept minimalist in style; large open space and concrete floors remain neutral in colour to further highlight the surrounding greenery.The unfolding relationship between nature and architecture is maintained through the property via the carefully positioned rooflights that allow sunlight to pervade the building.Using rooflights to make the most of natural light As part of the architects vision to, incorporate as much outdoor space as possible. Glazing Vision were delighted to supply a range of bespoke roof!ights to make the most of this natural source of lightThe central feature Glazing Vision supplied was a Bespoke ‘Eaves’ Flushglaze Rooflight [3650mm x 1685mm].This was positioned within the stairwell. enabling light to flood into a typically dark. enclosed space using both horizontal and vertical sections of glass.Glazing Vision’s ethos of ‘minimal framework’ made them the naturalchoice when it came to the roof glazing on this building. In order to achieve the goals of the design brief,the avoidance of visible framework was critical to the overall aesthetic.The glass on the central feature roof light appears to disappear into the building fabric, forming a seamless integration between the glass and building envelope.As communication is essential when dealing with small details, Glazing Vision provided detailed general arrangement drawings.These included recommendations on how internalflnishes might be carried out in order to minimise, and in most cases, completely hide any supporting framework.Frameless glass flnishes are not always easy to achieve. One of the critical design requirements of glass used in any building project is to resist the loads created by wind pressure and snow, as this can dictate the maximum single pane size permitted before the deflection of the glass exceeds what is considered safe.Glazing Vision calculated the appropria te thickness and type of glass to meet the specifled requirements .After initially assessing the unit and the deflection of glass to wind pressure. Glazing Vision felt that there might have been a risk of fracture,due to the sheer size of the horizontal pane.

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